Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Distinction Between Cooperative and Collaborative Learning

Cooperative learning is a learning process of working together structured by teacher  to finish  the given task. The teacher designs and assigns group learning task, manages time and resources, and monitors students’ learning by see that students are on task and that the group process is working well. In cooperative learning, teacher is an expert on the subject and know the correct answer.  And at the end, the teacher  will produce a "right" or acceptable answer. Therefore, cooperative learning tends to be more teacher-centered. Cooperative learning may be appropriate for elementary student, junior high student.

Collaborative learning is a learning process where students work together to create knowledge which each member has their own understanding, or points of view and they will share together. The teacher’s responsibility is to become a member, along with students, of a community in search of knowledge. Collaborative learning can avoid having students become dependent on the teacher. Collaborative learning tend to be more student-centered.  Students have to be an autonomous learner. Collaborative learning is more appropriate for senior high students, and college students.


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